An image of the UDlive Manhole Cover

UDlive Manhole Cover

Made from a lightweight, high-strength composite, UDlive Manhole Covers addresses issues of metal covers such as corrosion, slippery surfaces and theft for scrap. Enables the use of UDlive sensors for easy and safe sewer monitoring.

D400 / B125 Load-Rated Options Available

Composite Material Lightweight, High Strength, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Theft, Anti-Slip

Image of the SMC Composite process used on UDlive Manhole Covers

SMC Composite Material

UDlive Manhole Covers are alternatives to the well-known, heavier steel and cast iron covers. Made from Sheet Moulded Compound (SMC) composite, they are certified to the same standards as metal covers and will withstand harsh environments, temperatures and road conditions. SMC is an ideal material due to its high strength-to-weight ratio resulting in similar strength to steel covers but with significantly lower weights. With no scrap value, the covers are not a target for theft, reducing replacement costs and safety concerns.

An image of the UDlive Manhole Cover An image of the UDlive Manhole Cover
An image of the UDlive Manhole Cover An image of the UDlive Manhole Cover

Various Shapes and Sizes

The UDlive Manhole Cover is available in various shapes and sizes fitting most common sizes and load classes used by civil engineering industries. Our covers are available in square, rectangular and circular variants

Image of the UDlive Sensor fit system on a UDlive Manhole Cover.

UDlive Sensor Integration

With the UDlive Sensor fit system, you are able to easily add UDlive IoT sewer sensors either now or later. The composite cover enabled low power remote monitoring, transforming the cover into an innovative sensor platform.

Image of the pages of the UDlive Manhole Cover datasheet.

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