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UDlive PixelStill

The Pinnacle of Surface Water Level Alarm & Monitoring

UDlive brings you PixelStill, a radar level sensor with all the benefits of a guided wave system and stilling tube combined.

Utilising the advanced Pixel2 radar level sensor in combination with the radar guide reduces water turbulence, interference from vegetation, false echoes and increases level accuracy, all whilst ensuring the data you get is precise and relevant.

The low-key enclosure is designed to deter vandalism whilst seamlessly blending into the environment.

Unaffected by wind and humidity

Unaffected by vegetation

No annual drift

Low visual impact

10 min

Installation Time

5+ year

Battery Life (subject to usage)



The Pixel2 Radar in PixelStill is the best technology for surface water alerting and monitoring.

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Installation of UDlive Pixel Still with Stream Guage Level Indicator at 3.10m

Reliable Performance in All Conditions

Find reassurance knowing that the PixelStill is engineered to perform flawlessly even in harsh conditions. Its rugged construction defends against extreme weather, ensuring continuous monitoring regardless of the elements.

Range: 0 - 3+m (no deadband)

Accuracy: 2mm

Cellular Support: 4G (LTE-CAT1 & BIZ), IoT (NB-IoT & LTE-CAT1m) & 2G (GPRS & EDGE)

PixelStill is the most resilient radar level sensor on the market.

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Installers working together to install a UDlive device.

Minimal Maintenance

Thanks to its robust, unobtrusive design, the need for maintenance and repairs is greatly reduced as it blends seamlessly into its surroundings, making it less likely to attract unwanted attention.

This translates to lower operational costs and less disruption to your monitoring efforts.

Simple install: 1-button setup

Reduce vandalism & paintable: Blends into the environment

Eliminate site visits: No need to cut back vegetation

Lower maintenance of surface water level sensing projects using PixelStill.

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Charts comparing the fill height as measured by tank and outflow monitors at different times.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Access user-friendly data dashboards and visualisations, transforming raw data into actionable insights, trends, and historical comparisons for informed decision-making.

Customizable alerts

Set water level SMS or email alarms

Seamlessly integrate

Integrate directly into existing systems

Real-time monitoring

15min logging, dial-in on alarm.

Enhanced flood preparedness

Immediate notification

Regulatory compliance

Best in class water level sensing data logger

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